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Children’s teeth are very important in the development of speech and swallowing habits, in addition to the proper growth and development of the jaws. The baby teeth are important in keeping the spaces open for the developing adult teeth.

It is recommended that children be seen before their second birthday. This initial visit is often an orientation visit where the infant is likely to be examined on a parents knees. Unfortunately the rate of decay in 0-5 year olds has been increasing over the last decade. The most common reason for general anaesthetics in this age group is to manage dental decay! Seeing Children early can help to diagnose vulnerable teeth and set in place strategies that can help prevent the onset of dental decay.

Setting up good habits early in childhood leads to better dental health outcomes for our children. We love seeing children and making their dental visits enjoyable! Some children have complex dental needs that we refer to an amazing network of Paediatric dentist specialists.

Dental sealants are among the services that we provide to help prevent tooth decay. Our clinicians place the sealants on the back chewing teeth (molars). These teeth have small crevices and uneven places where bacteria that cause decay are often found. Sealants can reduce the risk of decay by 80%. Sealants are made of a clear or white material (plastic) that sticks to the tooth. This forms a thin protective coating that creates a barrier between the tooth surface and the acid that is formed when bacteria meet food. A sealant protects the tooth from the acid that causes tooth decay a little bit like a raincoat protects a person from getting wet. From time to time sealants wear out and need to reapplied.

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