Jaw clenching & tooth grinding

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About Jaw clenching & tooth grinding

Jaw clenching and tooth grinding are collectively known as ‘Bruxism’, and may cause excessive wear of teeth and permanent damage to the jaws.

Clenching and grinding may occur through the day but is more common at night. Often patients are not even aware that they are clenching or grinding. Some of the signs and symptoms that could indicate that you are clenching or grinding can include:

  • Worn or flattened teeth that can look shorter and reveal the internal dentine layer of the tooth
  • Facial pain and or headaches
  • Broken teeth or fillings
  • Jaw joint pain that may also present as earache

Treatment of bruxism may involve the use of a night guard (or splint) that protects the teeth from excessive wear. Muscle relaxants and exercises can be helpful in managing the symptoms.

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